Tenerife / Arona / Las Galletas
Rambla Dionisio Gonzales Loc 1.2, ZIP: 38631

Web site:


Phone: 0034 922 734 398 - 664 252 143
Type of club:
Tapas bar, Cyber

Opening time:
from 10,00 a.m. to 02,00 a.m.
Closing days:

Air Conditioning:
Pets Allowed:
(Free parking)
Access for disabled:
Smoke-free zone:
The Cafe del Puerto, the inaugurated at the beginning of 2009, its location is very attractive in the nice Port of Las Galletas [see Web-cam], and this bar has two sides. During the day it‘s funny, dynamic, bright and sunny. A wonderful bar where, on the balcony on the sea, you can enjoy the landscape of Teide, by observing the ships that go in and out the port , the fishermen sell fresh fish and there is a lot of people that stroll on the street,  enjoying  the view on the sea and a particular weather. A wide menu offers various possibilities of courses: from a sandwich, or a fresh salad, and typical courses to the specialities of the restaurant, courses like crayfishes with champignon, papas arrugadas  with mojo, pimiento padrón, mixed fish fried or mussels. There are many kinds of drinks, biers, wine and cafeteria products. During the night, the Café del Puerto changes into a romantic place, the perfect atmosphere, the lights of the port and the right background music (Ray Conniff or Percy Faith style) make this restaurant a perfect place to spend a special night. The perfect service, the location, the harmonious atmosphere and the good ratio quality/price makes the Café del Puerto a place where the pleasure is added to the wellness, this is an important experience to live.
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