is a Web portal created by Fashion Wine Cafe S.L. to promote the Canary restaurants and clubs.
In addition to professional and detailed presentations of the different activities (restaurants, clubs and discos), also has a “Blog” whose purpose is to make visitors breathe the island nightlife atmosphere through pictures, videos, comments and impressions. The portal users can know in advance all the events taking place, participate and then interact by leaving their comments and impressions.

Fashion Wine Cafe S.L. guarantee
1 – Maximum commitment to keep portal as one of the first in the Web search engines. For this reason Fashion Wine Cafe S.L. has registered main domain but also the domains concerning the different EEC and non-EEC countries:
(International -
(Italy -
(Spain -
(Germany -
(United Kingdom -

2 – Excellent cost/benefit ratio, with the possibility of promoting and advertising one’s enterprise effectively and at very low cost.

3 – Young, dynamic and motivated staff. Fashion Wine Cafe S.L. has a staff of young people who, working in a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere, contribute to the project success.

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