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4. The links with our portal and quotes of parts of it are allowed provided that they are accompanied by the source indication, including the URL We do not allow the use of our link with pornographic, paedophile contents, with diallers and illegal contents.
5. The text contents (information), logos, sound and/or image files, pictures and design of the portal are owned by and the domain owner (Fashion Wine Cafe s.l.), their use and reproduction or copy are not allowed. The club and private body logos present in our portal belong to their legitimate owners and they are used just for informative purposes. All the trademarks belong to their legitimate owners. Any use of these logos and trademarks against the rules of intellectual and industrial property will be prosecuted according to the laws in force.
6. Some images have been found on the web without providing the specific copyright or ownership restraint; should anyone claim their ownership, we will remove them from the portal; therefore is not held responsible for the use of these images.

1. The responsibility for the portal navigation depends completely on the user. does not recognize any guarantee, both explicit and implicit, in relation to the portal and its content, also in terms of completeness, accurateness and quality.
2. The portal uses accepts that:
(a) it is technically impossible to create a portal completely free from defects and that does not take this responsibility;
(b) the portal can be temporarily inaccessible;
(c) the portal operation can be affected by conditions beyond the control of;
(d) is not responsible for the material, contents and information provided by third parties and published in the portal.
(e) has mentioned clubs, restaurants and discos of the Canary islands only for informative purposes, sure to be of great benefit for their image and visibility in the web; if they wish, these clubs can ask to be removed from the portal if they do not like their presence in is not held responsible for any wrong information concerning these clubs as these data can already be found in the web and they are mentioned just with the goal of providing an indicative guide to users;
(f) is not held responsible for any wrong information on nights and events concerning these clubs, restaurants or discos. These data are provided just for informative purposes.
(g) is not held responsible for the possible transmission of viruses to the users’ computers.

The portal access is completely free.
The portal has only an informative purpose: its goal is to provide a guide on the clubs and events in the Canary islands. has the exclusive right to change, completely or partially, without any notice and to its discretion, the contents and images of the portal.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR EXTERNAL LINKS is not to be considered responsible for the websites that you might access through the present portal. When you access an external website through, remember that it is independent from and that the latter does not have any control on the content of the website under consideration. In addition, the existence of a hypertextual link with an external site does not imply the approval or acceptance of responsibility by about the content or use of this website. It is your responsibility to take any necessary precautions to make sure that any information you want to download and use is free from destructive elements such as viruses. anyway tries to give its users, always with an informative purpose, links with “safe” websites, i.e. without offensive, pornographic and illegal contents and free from diallers and viruses.


All the multimedia material of represents an intellectual property of and the portal providers, any breach will be punished by the law. It is forbidden to use this multimedia material for commercial purposes and without indicating its origin, in addition it is forbidden to use this material by misappropriating it.
It is not permitted to use the multimedia material by changing its parts and its use is not allowed without asking for permission to the portal providers.
The multimedia material not property of has been published with the authorization of the legitimate owners; is not responsible for the use of this material by third parties.

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The use of Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and Netscape Communicator 7 or higher is recommended. The technology used for the web portal is HTML/CSS/FLASH for the static parts, presentation and programming, PHP/MySql for the dynamic parts.

The present Legal Note will be regulated by the Spanish laws in force. and the user, with expressed renunciation to any other corresponding jurisdiction, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the user’s domicile, for any legal dispute resulting from the service use. If the user’s domicile is outside Spain, and the user, with expressed renunciation to any other corresponding jurisdiction, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid.

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Any infringement will be reported to the competent Police and Courts. Should the user not accept the above mentioned conditions, completely or partially, he/she is invited to exit the portal. reserves the possibility to carry out all the required changes, without any notice, to the present Legal and Technical Note.

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