To fulfil what established by the Law concerning the services of information and electronic trade companies, the Web portal general data are described below:

Address: Calle Ten Bel, 3 - Piso 205 Urb. Eureka 38630 - Costa del Silencio
Santa Cruz de Tenerife - ESPAÑA
Tel/Fax: 0034 922783278
Tax code: B38925459

In agreement with what established by the Law for the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data obtained with your registration as user will be treated with automatic processing and stored in a file whose ownership is of FASHION WINE CAFE S.L., and will be kept according to the law in force.
The file purpose is just the registration of the minimum personal data for the identification of the individual requiring the portal services, in order to discourage the improper use of the portal by entering inadequate or illegal contest.
The personal data will not be used for commercial or advertising purposes.
The personal data holder can exercise his/her right of correction, cancellation and opposition according to the terms and conditions of the law for the protection of personal data. For this purpose, a letter signed by the personal data holder shall be sent to: FASHION WINE CAFE S.L. - Calle Ten Bel, 3 - Piso 205 Urb. Eureka 38630 - Costa del Silencio - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - ESPAÑA, with the holder’s address so that he/she can receive the confirmation of enforcement of his/her request.

FASHION WINE CAFE S.L. is not responsible for the truthfulness of the personal data collected in the file and registered for minors or third parties, as a result FASHION WINE CAFE S.L. reserves the right to cancel any relation service with this user.
FASHION WINE CAFE S.L. reserves the right to change the content of the Privacy Policy according to the law and technological new requirements.

The use of the portal owned by FASHION WINE CAFE S.L. implies the acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

The parties, by expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, accept the Spanish law as reference legislation of the present contract and submit, for the possible resulting disputes, to Madrid Courts.

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